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Whether software, website or app: usability should already start below the surface and not stop with the love of detail.

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Successful digital services offer more than just functions, they open a gate to the world. Instead of obstructing it.

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Bad software sucks – good software gives wings. Make your users happy and they'll thank you for it.

I'll assist you in building better software, sites and apps. Whether that be during brainstorming in the conceptual phase, in the course of concrete planning or later on during the continuous improvement process. It's never too late for a better UI. Contact me.


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Johannes Oppermann had a happy childhood, studied business administration, lived abroad for many years, wrote a bunch of computer books, developed software like PostMe (email as simple as it can get) and BlogDesk (one of the best known weblog clients) and built platforms like the privacy-oriented familyly.de. Besides working with bits and bytes, he also turns historical kimonos into art. Besides keeping up with technical magazines, he also reads several newspapers a day. Seeing himself as an interdisciplinary generalist, he not only has an eye on the big picture, but also goes above and beyond it.